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Blog Post – Cascade Wallet – The Best RFID Wallet Melissa Novianti


RFID Wallet Review

Melissa Novianti

November 20th, 2018


If you like digital technology and mechanism, then you’d definitely like this cool gadget, Cascade Wallet by Mani wonders from Toronto, Canada. This daily carry item is a necessity in our modern day lifestyle and Mani Wonders has the right approach and technical vision on what makes a good wallet. It definitely caught my attention. Let’s take a deeper look.


RFID technology is a new type of tap payment that has potential threat to financial theft through a method called skimming. The Cascade wallet, a unisex accessory is made out of aluminium shell and acts as RFID shield to safeguard your financial information. A minimalistic credit card case wallet with a sliding mechanism for accessing the cards along with a flush-retractable money clip for cash and business cards.


This cool wallet comes with a snap-on cover, which allows you to expand the storage capabilities. The Cascade wallet is a well made premium gadget and is constructed in two-part aluminium housing which intricately hides all the mechanical designs. The Cascade Wallet comes with a flip-able top door, eject-able credit card access with a slide of a button, a retractable money clip with a thumb and connectable top grain leather cover with two ring ports.

cascade wallet gold leather cover brown money clip

The top door has friction based edge which is useful to flip open with minimal force. The cascade wallet stores 5 – 7 cards and the money clip stores bills. The leather cover provides more additional storage options. The leather cover comes with a firm spine and two male ports to align with the two ring ports and easily connect with the cascade wallet to form a Trifold wallet. The leather cover wraps around the cascade wallet with a snug fit.

attach cascade wallet gold and premium leather cover brown

The top door is tight enough so when it’s turned upside down, your cards will never fall out. The popup of your credit cards are still accessible while the leather cover is attached. The cards eject uniformly and It’s simply magical!

cascade wallet ejection closeup

The RFID technology or Radio-Frequency Identification has been around for a long time and has been used in credit cards, licenses, passport and much more. Skimming is a method for stealing information wirelessly from several feet away, without the need for physical contact or direct line of sight. The victim’s information is used to perform illegal and unauthorized purchases. Hence, the rise and the need for RFID blocking wallet.

credit card skimming

Cascade wallet is one of the popular options for consumers to safeguard themselves from financial and identity cards. Moreover, the cascade wallet is a personalize-able gadget with the color options – Gunmetal with Chrome Trim, Silver with Black Trim, Gold with Rose-Gold Trim and All-Black with Black Trim. The leather cover also comes with color options – Brown, Navy and Black. This gold one is so beautiful and the polished chamfer glistens under the sun.

The money clip is a really cool design where the mechanism sits flush with the wall of the wallet when not in use. In order to open the money clip, all you need to do is slide the clip up with your thumb and while clip is opened, slide in the bills and business cards.


The leather cover is a great add on. The Top Grain Leather Cover provides extra slots to carry more of your stuff and taking less of your pocket space. Very Compact! The detachable cover comes with four slit opening to store your transit card, which would be a regular use without having to take it out of the wallet. When the cover wraps around the cascade wallet, the thickness increases by 20 millimeters. I can hardly recognize the size difference and the soft genuine leather feels great to hold. I truly love the material and attention to detail – core functionality, aesthetic and quality finish.