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Blog Post – Smart wallet Cascade Wallet customization and more convenient – | MANI WONDERS | OFFICIAL SITE | Mechanical Luxury Gadgets


Customization & Convenience

Hao Yanxiao

December 23, 2014


When the life of hardware have put “smart” coat when our wallets are becoming “smart”, and this is really a wonderful thing. This smart wallet named Cascade Wallet, currently raise public institutions completed, expected in May next year will be able to ship. Colored shell pick, durable aluminum material. Cascade Wallet This wallet is customization, provide fiber laser engraving, in the above permanent leave your favorite patterns, text, or other things, your wallet truly unique, never hit the face. This wallet has two bright spots. First, Cascade Wallet with card ejection function, by sliding the button, so that your card can automatically pop up, this experience must have like to have not a friend. In addition to all kinds of your card, contact between the spring clip and silicone pad can also be fixed on the back of a business card bills or purse. In addition, with the put feature. Anodized aluminum products have a special strength properties, can prevent damage to the wallet card. At the same time such materials can also be used as “firewall” to prevent unauthorized access and protect your personal and financial information. When wallets are safer, more convenient, more intelligent, we have no reason not to choose?